About us


Stavika is not just a home for the three of us – Bente, Lisbeth and Eva Julia – and our animals. It is our haven, and we have been heart called to move here and create this paradise.

More and more, we see how much our interaction and co-creation with Mother Earth and the powerful energies here on this land impacts so many in a deeply transformational way. We see ourselves as custodians of this land, and we feel deep in our hearts that we have been called here. What  started out as a dream of creating a home and a business together, has literally expanded into revealing itself as the very heart of our life purpose. Because we now see that everything we create here, is not just for us. It is for everyone who feel called to embrace their own greatness.

Our gardens, the meditation spaces in our barn and in our lavvo tent, and all the sacred spaces that have revealed themselves on our land – they are all meant to be shared with others. And this is what we do. So too all of the messages that come through. They can come as words channeled by Bente or one of the other souls residing here, or in the form of sounds and images. So welcome to Land of Grace – welcome home!

You can also visit us, and experience Land of Grace for yourself. We cater to small groups of all ages – and in every season. You can read more about the activities we offer here.


Ever since 2011, Bente has shared hundreds of channeled messages under the name Aisha North. (You can find all of the older messages here.) Now, she has been guided to share all of her gifts in this space. Not just her words, but also her magical co-creations with Mother Nature.

Lisbeth is passionate about helping others reconnect to their physical body. She is also a true Pathfinder, Wayshower and Activator, both here in Stavika and elsewhere.

Eva Julia has a magical bond with animals. She is deeply committed to assist in helping us humans to learn how to connect with all creatures. That way, we can learn to love not only them, but also ourselves.


Rosen – our magical Teacher Animal. She is a healer, opening hearts and teaching us to enjoy life to its fullest. In her former life, she must have been a High Priestess, because she is always present whenever we do ceremony.

Tutta, our beloved rescue cat. She is also a healer and a wonderful companion in the garden, on our nature walks and at our ceremonies. She loves the singing bowls!

Magne, our Fjord Horse. A wise, ancient soul in a young body. He has come to assist Eva Julia in her work.

Tommy and Blink – companions to Magne and co-creators with him and Eva Julia.

Our chickens – beloved providers of eggs and manure for the garden. Their curiosity knows no bounds, and they are eager spectators to everything that happens here.

Our bees – magically transforming the nectar and pollen from flowers near and far into golden honey. They help to pollinate all of our plants as well, making sure that the harvest is as abundant as possible.


We are custodians of around 12 acres of land. Bit by bit, the magic that resides here is being revealed to us. Space after space call to us, asking to be taken into use. Nature speaks loudly here, as do the energies. And everything here wants to have its voice heard. The land itself, the animals, the plants and all of the unseen that reside here.

Our vegetable garden, where so much thrives despite the intensity of the elements. Abundance, sustainability and diversity comes alive here. And the most important fertilizer, is LOVE.

Many come here just to sit and meditate in one of the many quiet corners we have created.

A view from our Elf garden. It was created as a gift to the resident Elves here, after we first tried to use that part of the land as grazing for our horses. Now the elves are happy to share their land with us and our visitors.

Our meditation path follows the river that makes up the border of our land. Here, we follow in the footsteps of the deer that first used this space. Sometimes, we are lucky enough to encounter them on our walks here.

The Sacred Grove. This is one of the first sanctuaries we created here. It is a powerful vortex, yet holds a very loving energy. This is where we hold many of our ceremonies all year long, gathering around the open fire.

Our lavvo-tent. Heated by a wooden stove, it is a deeply feminine Sacred Space where we also hold ceremonies. People can also come and sleep here.

The old hay loft in our barn. A magical space for meditations, yoga and ceremonies.