Welcome to OM Stavika – Land of Grace

Stavika is not just a home for the three of us – Bente, Lisbeth and Eva Julia – and our animals. It is our haven, and we have been heart called to move here and create this paradise.

More and more, we see how much our interaction and co-creation with Mother Earth and the powerful energies here on this land impacts so many in a deeply transformational way. We see ourselves as custodians of this land, and we feel deep in our hearts that we have been called here. What  started out as a dream of creating a home and a business together, has literally expanded into revealing itself as the very heart of our life purpose. Because we now see that everything we create here, is not just for us. It is for everyone who feel called to embrace their own greatness.

Our gardens, the meditation spaces in our barn and in our lavvo tent, and all the sacred spaces that have revealed themselves on our land – they are all meant to be shared with others. (You can read more about us and OM Stavika here.) And this is what we do. So too all of the messages that come through. Either words channeled by Bente (formely known as Aisha North) or one of the other souls living here, or from in the form of sounds and images. So welcome to Land of Grace – welcome home!

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