Welcome to the first Gathering in Grace, Sunday September 4

This is the place

where the river meets the sea.

Where everything comes together.

Merging as ONE.

And this is who you are.

For you are the drop and the ocean.

The grain of sand and the beach.

You are the end,

but also the beginning.

And so it is.

And so it will be.


Dear friends!

These words that came through this morning really ring true for me. Because the September Gathering will be the very first Gathering where everything I share, both in person here in Stavika and online, will come together. For this Sunday, September 4, at 19:00 my time, I invite you all to join me for the very first Gathering in Grace.

In many aspects, it will be just like the Gatherings around the Pond that so many of you already are familiar with. But this time, we will also host a meditation here where we live. It will start at 19:00 our time (UTC + 2), two hours earlier than the former Gatherings, but as usual, you can join us at any time that works for you. For this is ,as always, truly “a Gathering out of time” as the CCs like to say it.  

Our drums will play an important part, in a very literal way. Exactly two years ago, the three of us birthed our own ceremonial drums. It was a sacred process, and it really felt like we were giving life to three individual beings. Each with its own distinct voice. Every time we are called to use our drums for a ceremony or meditation, something unique emerges. The drums guide us, setting the pace and the duration of the drumming. It is so magical to hear these three voices sing together, weaving in and out, creating a different song every time.

So this Sunday, all six of us are looking forward to connecting with every single one of you. I will do the guiding in to the meditation, and I will connect everyone present here at Stavika with all of you, no matter where on this beautiful planet you live.

I am so looking forward to sharing this Gathering with all of you! And hopefully, we get the chance to meet you in person one day here at Land of Grace in Stavika.

With gratitude and love from all of us here,

Bente ❤️

PS: you can find the time that corresponds with 19:00 Norway time (UTC+2) in your time zone here.

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  1. Dear friends! Thank you for being part of our very first Gathering in Grace 🙏 The drums spoke, Mother Earth spoke, and it was a deeply felt sense of connectedness and JOY. The words that came through during the meditation reminded us of the importance of “dancing the dance of life”, and to create circles of light by connecting like we do. I saw us weaving together strands of light. We were sending a weaver’s shuttle back and forth between us, faster and faster, until it was all a blur of golden light. The colours purple and indigo blue also came up strongly for me. Then, as darkness fell, the Northern Lights became more and more visible, doing the Dance of Life all through the night 💞

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