Equinox Message

Feel into the paradox of the Equinox.

For this period of seeming balance

belies the true progression of change.

For nature cannot stand still.

Nor can Creation.

It is a never ending cycle of beginnings and ends.

Commencement and closure.

And now, it will all gain momentum

beyond anything experienced

on this planet before.

For the Old has expired.

The final breath has been taken.

Yet, the illusion of permanence lingers on.

But remember, nothing lasts forever.

It simply dissolves into fractals of future potential.

So look upon this period of so many endings

as the most fertile of nourishment

for the brightening flames of renewal.

Sudden shifts of trajectories

will be born from this pregnant pause.

It behooves you well

to expect the unexpected.

Because you can rest assured

that the outcome will more

than surpass your expectations.

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