Welcome to the June Gathering in Grace, Sunday June 4

See your shimmering soul light,

reflected in the eyes and hearts of others.

Just as theirs is in yours.

Such is the nature of this light.

It can best be seen in the presence of others.

As you come together,

the light becomes more apparent.

To you. To ALL.

For such is the paradox of mankind.

You cannot always see your own light clearly.

Yet, you cannot fail to see it

through the eyes and hearts of your fellow men.

For you are One Soul.

Divided into a myriad of fragments.

Each carrying its own unique signature.

Each humming to its own tune.

Together, you can see your Self.

Together, you light up each other.

Together, you brighten the world.

And you do so,

literally at the speed of light.

Like a wildfire,

your hearts ignite the hearts

of countless others.

They, in turn, do the same.

And so it goes.

All across this planet.

And all across the firmament.

For your light cannot be contained.

It goes beyond all borders of space and time.

So see your own light.

It is immense.

And recognize the light in all others.

For it is always there.

No matter the outer appearances.

Sometimes all it needs,

is the presence

of another bright light

to spring fully into life.

Dear friends!

June is here. The month of the Solstice, and this weekend, we also have the Full Moon. In our part of the world, the Full Moon will fall on Sunday June 4, the same day as our June Gathering in Grace. A perfect day to come together in spirit under the glow of the moon!

We invite you to join us wherever you are for a 30 minute meditation at 19:00 our time (UTC +2) Let us see the light in each other and in ourselves, and allow our hearts to ignite the hearts of countless others.

With love, light and gratitude from Bente, Lisbeth and Eva Julia here at OM Stavika, Land of
Grace  💞

PS: you can find the time that corresponds with 19:00 Norway time (UTC+2) in your time zone here.

2 Replies to “Welcome to the June Gathering in Grace, Sunday June 4”

  1. Dear friends! It is the day of the June Full Moon, and of our Gathering in Grace. The energies are beautiful here today. Calm, gentle, with a deep feeling of gratitude in the air. The only sounds we hear, are the sounds of nature 🙏 We are so looking forward to connecting with you all later today, and to share this energetic space of gentleness, gratitude and joy 💞

  2. Dear friends! Thank you for this deeply felt Gathering 🙏 I had such a beautiful vision during it. First, I saw one little blue flame light up, like a pilot light on a gas stove. Then, when that sprung to life, it ignited countless other blue flames, all in a circle. with a great big whooosh. A wonderful image of how when we ignite and acknowledge our own inner flame, we help to stoke the fires in others, just like in the message I received for this Gathering. Thank you ALL for sharing your bright light with this world! 💖

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