Solaris is singing

Solaris is singing.

A photonic symphony

inviting you to dance along.

A constant flow

of fluctuating magnetics,

timed to perfection.

Shaking you to the core,

enabling your True Essence

to rise to the surface.

Embrace this dance,

as you are embraced

by these outpourings of love.

It is an upliftment of Souls,

unparalleled on your shores.

Welcome to the May Gathering in Grace, Sunday May 5

You are the Alumni of Illumination.

The Awakening Wonders.

Fulfilling the promise you made to your Soul.

Even before you entered this existence.

A promise given with reverence and joy,

fully knowing what you came here to Become.

You came here to re-conquer.

To re-enter Terra Cognita.

To find your way back Home.

Through the darkened corridors

you have travelled.

Unperturbed by the seeming lack of light.

For within you shines the strongest beacon.

The beacon of hope, of wisdom and of life.

So rejoice, dear ones!

Your endeavours have been fruitful.

Spring is here,

and with it,

freedom calls.

Dear friends!
The Brightness of May is here. It is as if everything is pulsating with light. All around us, we see new life emerging. It is an almost overwhelming sense of being alive at this time of the year. This Sunday, May 5, we invite you to join us for our May Gathering in Grace. Let us come together in spirit to celebrate all of this bright new life, within and without. This time, the Gathering will be at 12:00 our time (UTC + 2), but feel free to connect at any time that is right for you. Together, we SHINE!!

With love, light and gratitude from all of us here at OM Stavika – Land of Grace,
Bente, Lisbeth and Eva Julia 💞☀️

PS: you can find the time that corresponds with 12:00 Norway time (UTC+2) in your time zone here.

A Radiant Revolution

A Radiant Revolution

is underway.

Not with an outer display of intensity.

Rather, it is an internal affair.

Radiating from the heart,

it multiplies ever outward.

Igniting life.

Igniting hope.

Bringing the warmth of spring

to the coldest, deepest recesses of despair.

With a Purity of Light

never before encountered on these shores.

Activating everything it touches,

it brings into form

what has hitherto only been a dream.

It is the Grand Awakening,

the greatest show on Earth.

But it starts with the smallest of whispers.

A tender tendril of light,

touching the heart.

It is elevating souls,

elevating Life itself.

So rejoice,

and allow this upliftment

to surge through you.

Let it spill out into the open,

and see how it transforms

everything around you.

Dawn choir

Dear friends! This morning, I felt called to re-share these words with a new video:

The choir of light is singing.

Ever stronger.

Ever brighter.

Like the jubilant sound of birds

heralding in dawn,

your voices ring out across the world.

In what for many may seem

as the darkest of hours,

you send out a message of hope.

For this is not the end.

This is the beginning

of a vibrant New Day.

And one by one,

countless others will pick up their courage,

adding their voice to this wondrous choir of light.

Can you feel it in your heart?

Can you feel it in your bones?

Dawn is coming.

Eclipse Message

Even though your Sun

will be overshadowed by the moon,

do not look upon this

as the hour of darkness.

It is the hour of clarity.

Your age of enlightenment has come.

The time for becoming is upon you.

The time to fully embrace your light is here.

Behold the magic that surrounds you.

Open your eyes,

and see all the glowing hearts

on this planet,

beating as ONE.

For you are more connected

than ever before.

Simply disregard the symbols of separation

that are being paraded before you.

They are mere illusions,

conjured up to shield you from the truth

of who you really are.

You are Magnificence,

manifested into human bodies.

A Celestial Celebration of Creation,

a cornucopia of uniqueness.

So see beyond the shadows,

and let your gaze rest within.

On your own greatness,

and the one that resides within

every single one of your brothers and sisters.


PS: you are warmly welcome to join us in spirit or in person for our Eclipse Meditation tonight, Monday April 8, at Stavika Grendahus at 18:00 our time (UTC + 2) :

Welcome to the April Gathering in Grace Sunday April 7 – and the Eclipse Meditation Monday April 8.

Crossing the Solar Bridge,

you advance fast into the future.

Like Imaginal cells,

you hold the blueprint for becoming.

Within you lies perfection,

unpolluted by the past.

In order to access it,

you need to let go

of everything that was.

Embracing your potential,

re-awakening your imagination skills,

is what will enable a rock solid foundation

to come into place for All.

Is it one that can only emerge

through you.

As One.

In Joy.

So seize this opportunity

to come together

to co-create the building blocks

for this bright New World.

Dear friends!

We have entered a very special month. April 2024 has been on the charts for many for quite some time. It comes in with a lot of Cosmic activation, as well as a potent Solar Eclipse on Monday April 8, all primed to make this a pivotal period for us all. It is an important time to connect, and a very fertile period for co-creating the NEW.

So this Sunday, April 7, at 19:00 our time (UTC + 2), we invite you to join us in spirit for our April Gathering in Grace. It is an opportunity to clear our fields, and to set the intention for what will take place on the following day; the Total Solar Eclipse on Monday April 8.

On that day, we have been called to host a live gathering here in Stavika, at the Grendahus, not far from where we live. This meditation will be during the Eclipse, from 18:00 to 20:30 our time (UTC +2). The eclipse will not be visible here, but the energies will be very palpable all across the globe. If you are nearby, you can join us in person, read more about it here:

You are also warmly welcome to join us in spirit as we sit down as ONE, to connect to the energies of the Super New Moon and the Solar Eclipse. It is a time for going within, to set our intention for what we want to create as a collective, and to feel into the web of support that holds us all. What a magical time to BE here NOW! We are so looking forward to co-creating with all of you during this important moment in time.

With love, light and gratitude from all of us here at OM Stavika – Land of Grace,
Bente, Lisbeth and Eva Julia 💞

PS: you can find the time that corresponds with 19:00 Norway time (UTC+2) in your time zone here.

The softness of your steps

The softness of your steps

belies the magnitude of your impact.

For you are not just empty vessels

or hollow reeds.

You are here with a purpose.

Not merely to receive,

but also to transmit.

Interpreting the Cosmic Hum

into a clear, distinct tone.

You are frequency modulators,

adding your specific flavour

to the stellar emissions of light.

As a unique expression of Source,

manifested into form.

Individual instruments

in this Grand Celestial orchestra.

Every voice is needed.

From the mightiest of organs

to the tiniest of flutes.

That is the only way to play out

the fullness of this Cosmic Symphony on Earth.

So thank you for sounding your horn,

or banging your drum.

Just remember,

a quiet whisper is just as impactful

as the mightiest of crescendos.

Your task is simply this:

find your own tone.

Do not try to emulate anyone else’s.

The Purity of your Essence – Equinox message

Behold the purity of your Essence.

Embrace the magnificence that is You.

At times, it may seem hidden from view,

yet, to your awakened heart,

it is always fully apparent.

For Life is flowing through you.

Light is coursing through your veins

You sing the song of freedom,

and dance the dance of Grace,

composing a sacred symphony of vibrations

wherever you go.

You bring life

to everything you encounter.

You set this world alight

with every step you take.

So behold the purity of your Essence.

It is the most precious of elixirs.

The grandest of gifts.

And as you give,

you also receive.

This is what constitutes

the Cycle of Life.

Dear friends! This morning, Bente recorded a video with today’s message, you can see it here:
Sending you our heartfelt Equinox Blessings from OM Stavika – Land of Grace;
Bente, Lisbeth and Eva Julia 💞

The seeds of Soulvation

The seeds of Soulvation

have been successfully cultivated.

Now, the time for harvest is upon you.

Although bitter winds

may continue to blow hard,

for you, the sweetness of spring

is here to be savoured.

Feel the vitality within,

as you finally come fully alive.

Shedding the restrictions

of the old form,

you are free to blossom.

Free to glow,

you melt away

the icy carapace of desolation,

bringing back Joy to this planet.

Welcome to the March Gathering in Grace, Sunday March 3

Sunbursts of light

are entering your field.

Patiently dismantling

all outmoded structures

while simultaneously birthing the new.

As you embody more and more light,

your sense of separation melts away.

A new perspective emerges.

One of unity and connectedness.

Supported by this awakened awareness,

a magnificent vortex of light is created.

One that encourages

more and more of your brethren

to step out of their own shadows.

An ever increasing flow of souls

are getting onboard

the express wave of enlightenment.

No more lingering in doubt or crouching in fear,

they stand tall and unwavering in their own light.

Just like you do.

Can you feel the quickening?

Dear friends!
Welcome to February 29! A very special day in a very special year, as I think many of you will agree. It has been a month vibrating with powerful energies, bringing in even more change. A highly energized March awaits us, with the Equinox and a Lunar Eclipse.  What a time to BE here NOW! And what a blessing it is to BE in all of this together! This Sunday, March 3, at 19:00 our time (UTC+1) we invite you to join us in spirit for our March Gathering in Grace. Let us welcome in the quickening that is the spring of 2024. It feels like it is one we will look back on in awe and wonder.

With love, light and gratitude from all of us here at OM Stavika – Land of Grace,
Bente, Lisbeth and Eva Julia. 💞💛

PS: you can find the time that corresponds with 19:00 Norway time (UTC+1) in your time zone here.