You sing the same song as Mother Earth

You sing the same song as Mother Earth.

You dance to the same music as the stars.

Listen to the whisper from your bones,

and you will find this connectedness.

For deep down, you know.

You are not separate.

You are ONE with All that Is.

So feel into this knowingness.

Be with this realization

that you are an infinite being.

Not limited by anything.

Except by your own willingness to let go

of the illusion of limitation.

The full spectrum of your light

You are unveiling

the full spectrum of your light.

It is a quiet affair,

not one of bells and whistles.

This stillness can at often times

be mistaken for a standstill.

But it is not.

It is the most fertile of spaces.

For it is in the stillness

that everything becomes apparent.

Where YOU become clear.

So be in this space.

Allow it to hold you.

Let your Self show itself to you.

Then, you will begin to understand

the full scope of your potential.

The Sands of Time

This message from a few years back re-emerged when I was walking on the beach and saw these imprints in the sand.

Step by step you go

through the sands of time,

across undulating dunes

of vibrant presence.

Every single particle

a microcosmos.

A fraction of the whole.

Created by the friction

of wave after wave of Consciousness

flowing in from the Ocean of Eternity.

Potential collapsing

into reality.

The Zero Point.

Where everything becomes.

Again. And again.

Just like you.

Alchemical metamorphosis continues

Alchemical metamorphosis

continues on a cellular level.

The fluidity of the realms

may cause confusion,

for by now, everything will be in flux.

An inner focus is advisable,

as the outer presentation of chaos

will only intensify.

Much attention will be drawn  

to what is being destabilized,

and the process in itself is unsettling.

But what appears as a collapse,

is in actual fact a total restructuring.

And when the dust begins to settle,

you will behold the most wondrous of things.

Until then, seek out that safe haven within.

As always, your inner illumination

is the best way to lighten up the path ahead.

The Chalice of Remembrance – New Year message

The Chalice of remembrance

is being offered.

Imbibe from it,

and your sense of equilibrium

will be restored.

The way ahead may deliver

a plethora of surprises.

But none that will affect your core.

At heart, you are and will always be,

an intrepid traveler.

Through time, and through Awareness itself.

For this is why you are here.

Your reason to be.

To boldly go where no man has gone before you.

To step beyond the Event Horizon,

and to free fall into the true freedom of Existence.

To a way of life that mirrors

the greatness you harbour within you.

So help yourself to this Divine Concoction.

Partake of the liquid light flowing so abundantly

onto your shores.

It is time to celebrate not just the New Year,

but also the magnificence that is YOU.

Dear friends!
Thank you so much for being part of our journey! Thank you so much for sharing the magnificence that is YOU. With us, and with this world. Together, we enter the magic that awaits us in 2024. We do so as New, after a year of many changes, on so many levels. It feels as if it was all designed to help us shine even brighter in the year ahead. So let us drink deeply of this “Chalice of Remembrance” that we are being offered. Let us SEE ourselves as the beacons of light we really are. It is time to celebrate – ourselves and life itself. Wishing you all a truly magical 2024, we look forward to having you with us as we journey through it.

With love, light and gratitude from all of us here at OM Stavika – Land of Grace,
Bente, Lisbeth and Eva Julia 🙏💖

Breaking open

We knew the storm was coming. Even our animals could sense it, they were unusually restless many hours before the winds arrived. I was too. It was as if there was something else in the air besides the powerful wind. An invitation. An opportunity to open up, to let go, to trust in the unknown.

When daylight finally arrived, we took a walk around our property to see that all was well. We came upon this ancient aspen, one of the sacred trees on the riverbank. A long time ago, another storm had split it almost in half. But it is still thriving. This time, a huge branch on the other side had come crashing down.

I know this magnificent, ancient giant will survive this too. When spring arrives, the buds on the branches will once again open up and create a wonderful green canopy above our Elf Path. The fallen branches themselves form a new portal. One that will remind us of the powerful transition we have been going through this winter.

We are breaking open. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. Exposing our core. The process itself can be relentless and challenging. But what is coming to light when all the defenses come crashing down, is beautiful to behold.

There may be many more storms ahead. We may be battered and bruised. But still, we rise.

12:12 – New Moon Message

Dear friends! Today, at 12:00 on December 12, I was guided to create this video and to (re)share this message with you:

You are the Moon.
Yet old.
Endlessly changing.
Yet constant.
Because of you, entire oceans move.
Tidal waves of light traversing the globe.
Pulled along by your presence.
And as you glow , you show the way.
The night is never too dark.
Because of you.

Never, ever forget the eternal blessing of your presence on this planet! Wishing you all a magical Sacred Season from all of us here at Land of Grace – OM Stavika, Bente, Lisbeth and Eva Julia 💖

A space for inner exploration

The vibrancy of the incoming light

is creating a space for inner exploration.

At times, it may feel as if

a deep chasm opens up within,

like a free fall into the void.

But remember,

what is being revealed,

is not any supposed failings.

Rather, it is the light showing you the way

to your true splendor.

That sacred light that has been so carefully

kept hidden beneath a deep protective layer.

Like a carapace put into place, little by little,

during your life journey.

But now, let all defenses melt away,

so life itself can flow freely through you.

Silently witnessing the unfolding

Silently witnessing the unfolding

as light continues to cascade on to this planet.

Cracks appear, within and without.

Letting the light in,

is akin to letting go

of all of the old stories.

No change comes unannounced.

Everything is registered.

Everything is welcomed.

Perhaps not by the mind.

But your true Self

is the one opening the door.

The very essence of your being

is saying YES.

To reclaiming your identity.

To reclaiming your powers.

So embrace the light.

It is the great liberator.

Of minds.

Of hearts.

And of souls.


Slowly you emerge,

untangling yourself

from the debris of history.

Fret not if your field of vision still seems limited.

The future may speak softly,

but soon, it will sing loudly within you.

This passage is not one that will go unnoticed.

Not by you, nor by anyone.

The depth of change is by far

the most profound you have ever experienced.

As a collective, as well as individuals.

So take a deep breath,

and give yourself the space you need

to anchor these changes as they come.

At times, one by one.

But more often than not,

as vibrant and vigorous clusters.

Remember, you have given yourselves

this gift of Arrival.

So cherish it,

even though it might be more

than a little daunting.

For you are indeed

made from the same stuff as the stars.

And now, you are finally

beginning to outshine them all.