Water speaks

Within stillness,

there is so much movement.

Within darkness,

there is so much light.

Beneath the frozen surface,

life itself is finally stirring into life.

An unstoppable motion.

A veritable fountain of light.

That is what you see

when your heart cracks open.

That is what you feel

when your mind is set free.

Nothing or no one

can stop the flow.

Nothing or no one

can turn back the tide.

Change is already cascading through your veins.

Lighting you up from within.

Changing the world around you.

One breath at a time.

You are an eternal being

You are an eternal being

temporarily housed

within a physical vehicle.

An immortal soul

in a finite manifestation,

but with an infinite potential.

One of a myriad of souls,

here to leave an indelible mark

on ALL of Creation.

For you are one of the change makers.

The Dream Catchers.

The ones that will make so much

come into fruition.

Not just as words or wishful thinking,

but as actual manifestations.

A new Crystalline structure is growing forth.

One that will underpin all that is to come.

A solid foundation for the brightest of futures.

So know that even if at times

you may feel as if you are nothing more

than the tiniest speck of light,

you are in truth a mighty force.

Your own brilliance

may be hard to perceive,

but it is more than obvious

from a Cosmic point of view.

So shine on dear one,

and know that you literally light up

an entire world with your very presence.

Welcome to the December Gathering in Grace, Sunday December 4

Awakening the spirit of the masses.

takes a massive injection of light.

One that will be dispersed

by the likes of you.

So let your Soular Sun shine.

Let there be light, as bright as it can be.

Your Crystalline presence is needed.

For you are the Shining Ones.

The ones that will

help to ignite the fires within ALL.

Dear friends!
We have entered the last month of 2022. It has been a year filled with much drama and chaos, but also so much light. And now, in what for us up here North is the darkest month of the year, I sense the presence of even more light. These short days with little or no sunlight can be challenging. But this year, it feels very different. There is a sort of “quiet joy” in the air, as if we are being bathed in a golden flow of Sunlight. And, as today’s message says, part of the reason for our presence in this NOW, is to help to “disperse” this light far and wide. I invite you to bring your “Crystalline presence” to our December Gathering in Grace, this Sunday December 4, at 19:00 our time (UTC +1). Let us come together and be the light, as bright as we can be!

With love, light and gratitude from all of us here at OM Stavika,
Bente, Lisbeth and Eva Julia 💞

PS: you can find the time that corresponds with 19:00 Norway time (UTC+1) in your time zone here.

Sink into Stillness

Sink into Stillness.

Into that inner Sanctum of light.

Let the ebb and flow of

your breath guide you there.

Then, you will find yourself embraced

in a Sanctuary that will

hold you in the safest of spaces.

No storm may touch you there.

No uproar will ever reach you.

As long as you allow yourself to be held

by the sacredness of your own light.

(Horse medicine from Magne)

11/11 message

The solar winds are whispering,

bringing in a message of change.

Expectations will be met,

but in many unexpected ways.

Remember, it is not always

the loudest of bangs

that brings the greatest change.

So pay heed to the  inner nudges.

It is your soul speaking.

Softly, but ever so powerful,

should you heed its advice.

Welcome to the November Gathering in Grace, Sunday November 6

The choir of light is singing.

Ever stronger.

Ever brighter.

Like the jubilant sound

of birds heralding in dawn,

your voices ring out across the world.

In what for many may seem

as the darkest of hours,

you send out a message of hope.

For this is not the end.

This is the beginning

of a vibrant New Day.

And one by one,

countless others

will pick up their courage,

adding their voice

to this wondrous choir of light.

Can you feel it in your heart?

Can you feel it in your bones?

Dawn is coming.

Dear friends!
It is November. Here up North we are entering the darkest time of the year. But even though the days are getting noticeably shorter, the presence of LIGHT is growing stronger. There is almost a spring-like sensation in the air. As if we have already passed through winter. Birds are singing, and in the mild weather we are having, many plants are still flowering. But as today’s message reminds us, for many, this is for them “the darkest of hours”. So let us do what we can to make the light visible across this world. Let us come together and “sing” this new, vibrant world into existence together. We hope you will join us for the November Gathering in Grace this Sunday, November 6. at 19:00 our time (UTC + 1). Weaving together all those present, both in person and in spirit, we create a “wondrous choir of light” for our 30 minutes of meditation. Thank you for adding your voice, thank you for helping to co-create a message of hope and light!

With gratitude and love from all of us here,
Bente, Lisbeth and Eva Julia ❤️

PS: you can find the time that corresponds with 19:00 Norway time (UTC+1) in your time zone here.

You are the birthplace of the stars

You are the birthplace

of the stars.

Entire worlds spring forth

from your inner sanctum.

A great outpouring of harmonies

ripple out whenever you connect

to your Essence.

You breathe life into Life,

creating a world of wonders

wherever you go.

So keep on keeping on,

let that inner light

continue to flow unabated.

There is a monumental shift taking place

There is a monumental shift

taking place within humanity.

To an untrained eye,

it will be nearly imperceptible.

But if you listen well,

you hear the click, click, click

of thousands upon thousands

unlocking the doors to true freedom.

Vast chambers of wisdom

are opening up because of this.

Wisdom that will percolate up and out,

set free by the knowledge

that you are indeed finally free.

For what was, no longer exists,

as the burden of powerlessness

melts away as soon as you allow it to.

For the greatest of transformations

in actual fact requires the least of efforts.

It is simply a matter of no longer holding on,

but of letting go.

Leaving behind the yokes of yesteryear,

you find your wings and fly again,

lifting this world even further up

into the light.



In the stillness at the center of the storm

Instantly recognizable,

the sense of homecoming continues to expand.

Creation arises from confusion,

as it is in the chaos all things are born.

Only by losing your sense of direction

can you move freely forward.

Welcome to the October Gathering in Grace, Sunday October 2.

Look upon this period

as the birthing of the New Human.

Just as in any birth, fear, confusion

and even pain will be rampant.

But what is emerging,

is what so many of you already experience;

clarity, calmness and a deep sense of connectedness.

For what is being born,

is a way of life that you already know by heart.

A life where unity is the driving force

behind everything you do.

And one by one, you arrive at the same conclusion:

that all of the confusion comes

from the misconception of disconnection.

Not just from Self, but from ALL that is.

And as soon as this insight comes to light within,

you instantly achieve

what you have been striving for for so long.

The knowingness that you are here simply to be you, and to be ONE.

Like pin pricks of light in a churning sea of darkness,

you instill hope in all those

still struggling to see that same light within themselves.

As shining beacons you show them the way back home.

It is a journey that is a very personal one.

But it cannot be achieved unless you come together.

For true unity is the purpose of this incarnation of humans.

Of finding back to your roots,

and to realize that you are already ONE.

Dear friends!
We are entering October, and autumn has arrived. With it comes a sense of going inwards, of connecting to our roots. Even though there is so much happening on a global scale, it is as if time and everything else is slowing down here in Stavika. We feel the calling to hold space, to simply BE, creating a container to help others find their center in all of the ongoing drama. And this Sunday, we invite you to join us for the October Gathering in Grace at 19:00 our time (UTC + 2). It will be at Sunset, and as darkness falls, we will connect everyone present, both in person and in spirit. AS ONE, we will light the flames that hopefully will help so many others “see that same light within themselves.”

Thank you for being a part of this co-creation, thank you for being here in this NOW.

With gratitude and love from all of us here,
Bente, Lisbeth and Eva Julia 💞

PS: you can find the time that corresponds with 19:00 Norway time (UTC+2) in your time zone here.