Welcome to the July Gathering in Grace, Sunday July 2

Constantly connecting.

Constantly evolving.

Nature never stops, nor do you.

A continuous flow of energetic manifestation.

Light becoming form.

Life begetting life.

Infinite potential,

finding ever new ways

to express itself.

Through you,

and through everything

and everyone around you.

No expression more valid than others,

nor any less.

It is all part of the vibrant spectrum that is LIFE.

Still, you all get to choose your own way of expressing light.

And life.

For nothing is written in stone.

Nothing pre-defined.

It is all up to you which way and in what form

you want your light to flow.

And also the brightness of it.

For even though you all come in

with the same potential to glow,

only you can define the wattage you choose

to send out into the world.

No one else.

External circumstances can try to dim your light,

but it cannot be made to fade away.

Only if you choose so yourself.

So be vibrant – be bright.

Remember, the smallest of flames

can lighten even the darkest of rooms.

And together, you outshine

even the brightest stars on the firmament.

Dear friends!
This weekend , we enter the month of July. Time seems to fly by, as the energies keep expanding and intensifying. Here at Stavika, we have been blessed with some beautiful summer days. The Sun is below the horizon for only a few, short hours, so Light is an almost constant presence. Everything around us seems to have exploded into life, daily reminders of the vibrancy and vitality of Mother Nature. It makes us feel so alive, and so much a part of everything.

This Sunday, at 19:00 our time (UTC +2), we are so looking forward to celebrating life and light with our July Gathering in Grace. No matter where you are in the world, we invite you to join us in spirit for a 30 minute meditation. Let us send our vibrant, beautiful light out into the world, and “outshine even the brightest stars on the firmament.”

With love, light and gratitude from Bente, Lisbeth and Eva Julia here at OM Stavika, Land of
Grace  💖

PS: you can find the time that corresponds with 19:00 Norway time (UTC+2) in your time zone here.


Welcome to Terra Nova.

New Earth.

Where everything feels New,

yet very familiar.

Because you already know this place.

It is home.

There is no need to go anywhere to find it.

No need to move.

Not even a fraction of an inch.

Because the whole journey takes place internally.

The tiniest of shifts,

and suddenly, you just know.

You have arrived.

You are home.

See your own magnificence

Acknowledge the significance

in the seemingly insignificant.

For you can see God in the tiniest of flowers,

in the fluttering of a bird’s wings.

You can see God in the flowing water,

and in the eyes of a stranger on the street.

You too are part of this magnificence.

Even though you might feel small, almost invisible,

like a grain of sand on an immense beach.

For your mere presence is enough

to shift the trajectory of this entire planet.

For your mere presence is enough.

So simply BE what you are.

For you are indeed magnificent.

Welcome to the June Gathering in Grace, Sunday June 4

See your shimmering soul light,

reflected in the eyes and hearts of others.

Just as theirs is in yours.

Such is the nature of this light.

It can best be seen in the presence of others.

As you come together,

the light becomes more apparent.

To you. To ALL.

For such is the paradox of mankind.

You cannot always see your own light clearly.

Yet, you cannot fail to see it

through the eyes and hearts of your fellow men.

For you are One Soul.

Divided into a myriad of fragments.

Each carrying its own unique signature.

Each humming to its own tune.

Together, you can see your Self.

Together, you light up each other.

Together, you brighten the world.

And you do so,

literally at the speed of light.

Like a wildfire,

your hearts ignite the hearts

of countless others.

They, in turn, do the same.

And so it goes.

All across this planet.

And all across the firmament.

For your light cannot be contained.

It goes beyond all borders of space and time.

So see your own light.

It is immense.

And recognize the light in all others.

For it is always there.

No matter the outer appearances.

Sometimes all it needs,

is the presence

of another bright light

to spring fully into life.

Dear friends!

June is here. The month of the Solstice, and this weekend, we also have the Full Moon. In our part of the world, the Full Moon will fall on Sunday June 4, the same day as our June Gathering in Grace. A perfect day to come together in spirit under the glow of the moon!

We invite you to join us wherever you are for a 30 minute meditation at 19:00 our time (UTC +2) Let us see the light in each other and in ourselves, and allow our hearts to ignite the hearts of countless others.

With love, light and gratitude from Bente, Lisbeth and Eva Julia here at OM Stavika, Land of
Grace  💞

PS: you can find the time that corresponds with 19:00 Norway time (UTC+2) in your time zone here.

Let go of your stories

Let go of your stories.

Shed the burden

of all ingrained convictions.

Dissolve the imprints of what was.

It is no longer applicable.

Nothing new can come

from clinging to the old ideas of existence.

A fresh start is available.

Every day. Every minute.

Freedom is calling.

Are you free to fly?

Encircled within the silence

Encircled within the silence,

the sacredness in everything

becomes apparent

as eternity presents itself through you.

An infinite succession of finite moments.

Photonic displays of clarity,

emerging from the womb of Creation.

You are a Cosmic firework.

Sparks of light becoming life

through your human existence.

Not by chance, but by design.

God experiencing God as itself.

The vastness of perfection is immense,

expressed as moments of daily occurrences.

Nothing is insignificant,

yet everything is an illusion.

Constructed to infuse light with life.

Lived through you.

By you.

For you.

Welcome to the May Gathering in Grace, Sunday May 7

An undertow of light

is pulling things apart.

Bit by bit, the old structures crumble.

You may feel unsteady on your feet,

even shaken to the core.

But you stand on solid ground.

Your foundation is rock solid.

Nothing can drag you down.

In fact, you are only right now

beginning to find your footing.

Finally, the truth is emerging.

What was hidden, will be found.

Truth is revealing itself.

And it is wondrous to see.

For light is truth.

And you are the light.

Far, far brighter than you have hitherto perceived.

So take a deep breath,

and dive into this wave of understanding.

You are light,

and all that you are,

is being lifted up for all to see.

By you, and by the world around you.

Dear friends! May is here, and we are in the middle of “eclipse season”. Friday, we have a Full moon, and a lunar eclipse. All of these incoming energies are activating more and more layers, both within and without. We see and feel more and more clearly what is transpiring. A global change is underway, one that we all take an active part in – whether we are aware of it or not. Coming together in spirit like we do for our Gatherings is a wonderful way to remind ourselves that we are on a collective journey. For this is not an undertaking that needs to be taken on our own. We are all here to support each other, to “walk each other home” as they say. And this Sunday, we invite you to join us in spirit for our monthly Gathering in Grace. At 19:00 our time (UTC +2) we connect for a 30 minute meditation. It is time to BE HERE – for ourselves and for each other. We are so looking forward to “seeing” you all shine brightly!

With love, light and gratitude from Bente, Lisbeth and Eva Julia here at OM Stavika, Land of Grace 💞

PS: you can find the time that corresponds with 19:00 Norway time (UTC+2) in your time zone here.

Alchemical fires are burning

Alchemical fires are burning.

Sweeping across the firmament,

dancing into the night.

It is a fire to be celebrated,

not feared.

Connect with this fire,

and it will fuel the flames

of your own resurrection.

Like Phoenix you will rise,

shining brighter than ever before.

Remember, the ashes of the old

are the best nourishment

for all things new.

So dance, dance, dance.

Let the power of Life

entice you fully back to life again.

Savour the sweetness of surrender

Savour the sweetness of surrender.

Allow Life to unfold itself through you.




For it is only when your inner resistance ceases

that freedom can be found.

So lay down your arms,

and open your heart.

Loosen the ties that bind you

to what was.

For life is about to happen

in a very new way.

If you give it the space to do so.

The Spiraling Sun – Easter message

After I received this message, I was guided to go outside. This is what I saw.

The spiraling Sun

is emitting starbursts of light.

Vital clues as to what this will entail

can only be found within.

For this is a heart based activation,

an individual song that will arise

from your core.

So sing your song

and sound your horn.

It is time to present your Self

to the world.