You are an eternal being

You are an eternal being

temporarily housed

within a physical vehicle.

An immortal soul

in a finite manifestation,

but with an infinite potential.

One of a myriad of souls,

here to leave an indelible mark

on ALL of Creation.

For you are one of the change makers.

The Dream Catchers.

The ones that will make so much

come into fruition.

Not just as words or wishful thinking,

but as actual manifestations.

A new Crystalline structure is growing forth.

One that will underpin all that is to come.

A solid foundation for the brightest of futures.

So know that even if at times

you may feel as if you are nothing more

than the tiniest speck of light,

you are in truth a mighty force.

Your own brilliance

may be hard to perceive,

but it is more than obvious

from a Cosmic point of view.

So shine on dear one,

and know that you literally light up

an entire world with your very presence.