New Moon Message

Diving ever deeper

into the mystery that is you.

Revealing layer after layer,

inviting you to find

what is still hidden from view.

For just like the New Moon,

not visible is not the same

as not present.

It is always there.

A force to be reckoned with.

Empowering your life.

Lightening your road.

A treasure trove

for you to uncover.

For the depth of your wisdom is immense.

So too the scope of your gifts.

So give yourself the gift

of continuing to discover even more.

The true bandwidth of your light

may be beyond your imagination.

But it is never beyond reach.

The flow is quickening

The flow is quickening.

The vivification of the vibrations

keeps increasing.

You may feel formless in all of this change,

but know that you are simply emerging.

Everything old melts away.

It is riven asunder with this ongoing flow.

This incessant stream of information

that at times may feel overwhelming.

But know that all is well.

You are emerging.

Coming out from a long hibernation.

Your soul is singing louder and louder.

So rejoice dear ones.

This is the season for change on all levels.

And so it is, and so it will be.