Take this to your heart

Internal structures are strengthening

even when the physical form at times

may seem at the brink of collapse.

Mental overdrive is rampant,

as external signals continue to multiply.

Confusion is common,

as is bodily exhaustion.

All this is not a signal of disrepair.

Rather, it is a clear sign

of systemic self-correction.

Remember, you came here not just to be the change.

You came to actually embody it.

Thus, the individual experience will vary.

For some, it is overly taxing.

For others, less so.

But you are all fully prepared for this mission.

And as such, you are already succeeding

in what is still beyond your human faculties

to comprehend.

Remember, at your core, you are unbeatable.

Built to last.

For eternity.

So take this to your heart:

you are an Eternal Being.

A Stellar example of a Shining Soul.

Currently partaking in a massive overhaul

of the cosmic corner that is Earth.

It is not for the faint of heart.

But such is not yours.

Yours is an intrepid trailblazer.

So take every opportunity

to listen to that inner voice.

That is the voice of reason.

That is the voice of truth.

Then, you will know that all is well.

And so too are you.