Welcome to the March Gathering in Grace, Sunday March 5

The light from the future

is illuminating the past.

In this timelessness,

you act as a portal,

a provider of change.

Jubilant encodings flow

abundantly into your field

as you become saturated by the Sun

and lit up by the Moon.

New harmonics are activated

when you attune yourself to these

new frequencies.

Remember – wherever you go,

change will follow.

Dear friends! March has arrived, with its immense energies leading up to the Equinox. I keep hearing “the times they are a-changing”, and I have a feeling I am not the only one sensing big changes coming up ahead… In times like these, it is always helpful to remind ourselves that we are not alone in all of this. Coming together, either in person or in spirit, is the best way to calm the waters and light up the heart. This Sunday, March 5, at 19:00 our time (UTC + 1) we invite you to join us for the March Gathering in Grace. Let us come together as ONE – no matter where you are in the world – and tune into these new frequencies together in a 30 minute meditation. Thank you for being such a magnificent “provider of change”  – wherever we go, change will follow!

With love, light and gratitude from all of us here at OM Stavika, Land of Grace
Bente, Lisbeth and Eva Julia 💞

PS: you can find the time that corresponds with 19:00 Norway time (UTC+1) in your time zone here.

Valentine’s Message

Tune into the heartbeat

of the Cosmic Mother.

Feel yourself held

within Her energetic embrace.

Feel the resonance emanating

from the core of Mother Earth.

Her heart is beating

to the same tune as yours.

From heart to heart,

you are all connected.

A web of light,

constantly pulsating,

constantly nurturing.

And as you receive,

you equally give.

For this is a fully reciprocal web.

One where no one can give away, nor receive,

more than what is needed for this whole

interconnected organism to fully thrive.

And with every heartbeat,

the same message is being sent out.

You are not alone.

You are like the individual petals

on a single flower.

All growing from the same stem.

Connected through the heart.

So feel into this rhythm, lean into the support.

And know that simply by you doing that,

you also support everyone else.        

Dear friends! Wishing you all a magical Valentine’s ❤️ We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with a Sound Meditation here in Molde at 19:00 our time (UTC+1) on Tuesday the 14th. Our event is part of the world wide 21st Annual World Sound Healing Day. All over the world, people will gather to create Healing Sounds encoded with the intention of love and compassion to send a “sonic valentine” to Mother Earth, with the intention of raising the consciousness of all sentient beings. You can also participate, in person or in spirit, in this beautiful Global Gathering. Read more about the 21st Annual World Sound Healing Day here.

With much LOVE from all of us!
Bente, Lisbeth and Eva Julia 💞

Welcome to the February Gathering in Grace, Sunday February 5

Like shining fragments of stars,

you congregate into

vast constellations.

Foretold by the Ancients,

you bring in a new source of light.

One that is held within all fearless hearts.

Emboldened by your own light,

you step forth.

Willingly offering up the gift of love.

First to your own self.

Then, to the world.

A massive transformation is taking place.

One where each light is

naturally drawn to the next.

And so, the firmament is once again

becoming fully illuminated

by the many illustrious souls

gathered to do just that.

Dear friends! We have already stepped into the energies of February. As I write this, the Moon is shining brightly outside. Not yet full, but it will be so this Sunday. Just in time for our February Gathering in Grace. So we hope you will join us for a 30 minute meditation, at 19:00 our time (UTC + 1). No matter where you are on this beautiful planet, all you have to do to be a part of this Gathering, is simply to sit down with an intention to connect with us. We are so looking forward to “seeing” you all here, shining your “fearless” light.

With love, light and gratitude from all of us at Land of Grace, OM Stavika 💛 Bente, Lisbeth and Eva Julia

PS: you can find the time that corresponds with 19:00 Norway time (UTC+1) in your time zone here.

Welcome to the January Gathering in Grace, Sunday January 1

Feel into the lightness of the New.

Feel into the brightness of the New.

This will be a year of turning points.

One where each and every one of you

will be offered so many chances

to reinvent life as you know it.

Because now, everything is malleable.

Everything is feasible.

No longer cut in stone.

A world where your past and your future

can be as bright as you want for it to be.

It is a year for diving heart first

into the miracle of life.

For living out loud

what has been silently

dreamed of within.

Remember, life is what YOU make it.

That is your prerogative,

but also your responsibility.

So start living, breathing, loving.

Free from all of the

old ideas on how life is supposed to be lived.

It is up to you to reinvent life,

and to receive all the gifts that are being offered.

They are abundant,

and indeed, free for all to partake in,

if you so wish.

Dear friends!
This Saturday, we say thank you and goodbye to 2022. And at midnight, we welcome in 2023. It definitely feels like it is “a year for diving heart first into the miracle of life”! It will probably come with its challenges as well, but the gifts offered will be more than abundant. One of the greatest gifts we can give each other – and ourselves – is the gift of community. Coming together, both in person and in spirit, will help to literally lift the spirits of  everyone on this planet. And this Sunday, January 1, at 19:00 our time (UTC +1) we invite you to join us for the very first Gathering in Grace for 2023. Let us “dive heart first” into the new year, and “feel into the brightness of the new” as we come together as ONE to celebrate life, love and community.

We look forward to “seeing” you all again on the very first day of the New Year!
With love, light and gratitude from all of us here at OM Stavika, Land Of Grace
Bente, Lisbeth and Eva Julia 💞

PS: you can find the time that corresponds with 19:00 Norway time (UTC+1) in your time zone here.

Welcome to the December Gathering in Grace, Sunday December 4

Awakening the spirit of the masses.

takes a massive injection of light.

One that will be dispersed

by the likes of you.

So let your Soular Sun shine.

Let there be light, as bright as it can be.

Your Crystalline presence is needed.

For you are the Shining Ones.

The ones that will

help to ignite the fires within ALL.

Dear friends!
We have entered the last month of 2022. It has been a year filled with much drama and chaos, but also so much light. And now, in what for us up here North is the darkest month of the year, I sense the presence of even more light. These short days with little or no sunlight can be challenging. But this year, it feels very different. There is a sort of “quiet joy” in the air, as if we are being bathed in a golden flow of Sunlight. And, as today’s message says, part of the reason for our presence in this NOW, is to help to “disperse” this light far and wide. I invite you to bring your “Crystalline presence” to our December Gathering in Grace, this Sunday December 4, at 19:00 our time (UTC +1). Let us come together and be the light, as bright as we can be!

With love, light and gratitude from all of us here at OM Stavika,
Bente, Lisbeth and Eva Julia 💞

PS: you can find the time that corresponds with 19:00 Norway time (UTC+1) in your time zone here.

Welcome to the November Gathering in Grace, Sunday November 6

The choir of light is singing.

Ever stronger.

Ever brighter.

Like the jubilant sound

of birds heralding in dawn,

your voices ring out across the world.

In what for many may seem

as the darkest of hours,

you send out a message of hope.

For this is not the end.

This is the beginning

of a vibrant New Day.

And one by one,

countless others

will pick up their courage,

adding their voice

to this wondrous choir of light.

Can you feel it in your heart?

Can you feel it in your bones?

Dawn is coming.

Dear friends!
It is November. Here up North we are entering the darkest time of the year. But even though the days are getting noticeably shorter, the presence of LIGHT is growing stronger. There is almost a spring-like sensation in the air. As if we have already passed through winter. Birds are singing, and in the mild weather we are having, many plants are still flowering. But as today’s message reminds us, for many, this is for them “the darkest of hours”. So let us do what we can to make the light visible across this world. Let us come together and “sing” this new, vibrant world into existence together. We hope you will join us for the November Gathering in Grace this Sunday, November 6. at 19:00 our time (UTC + 1). Weaving together all those present, both in person and in spirit, we create a “wondrous choir of light” for our 30 minutes of meditation. Thank you for adding your voice, thank you for helping to co-create a message of hope and light!

With gratitude and love from all of us here,
Bente, Lisbeth and Eva Julia ❤️

PS: you can find the time that corresponds with 19:00 Norway time (UTC+1) in your time zone here.

Welcome to the October Gathering in Grace, Sunday October 2.

Look upon this period

as the birthing of the New Human.

Just as in any birth, fear, confusion

and even pain will be rampant.

But what is emerging,

is what so many of you already experience;

clarity, calmness and a deep sense of connectedness.

For what is being born,

is a way of life that you already know by heart.

A life where unity is the driving force

behind everything you do.

And one by one, you arrive at the same conclusion:

that all of the confusion comes

from the misconception of disconnection.

Not just from Self, but from ALL that is.

And as soon as this insight comes to light within,

you instantly achieve

what you have been striving for for so long.

The knowingness that you are here simply to be you, and to be ONE.

Like pin pricks of light in a churning sea of darkness,

you instill hope in all those

still struggling to see that same light within themselves.

As shining beacons you show them the way back home.

It is a journey that is a very personal one.

But it cannot be achieved unless you come together.

For true unity is the purpose of this incarnation of humans.

Of finding back to your roots,

and to realize that you are already ONE.

Dear friends!
We are entering October, and autumn has arrived. With it comes a sense of going inwards, of connecting to our roots. Even though there is so much happening on a global scale, it is as if time and everything else is slowing down here in Stavika. We feel the calling to hold space, to simply BE, creating a container to help others find their center in all of the ongoing drama. And this Sunday, we invite you to join us for the October Gathering in Grace at 19:00 our time (UTC + 2). It will be at Sunset, and as darkness falls, we will connect everyone present, both in person and in spirit. AS ONE, we will light the flames that hopefully will help so many others “see that same light within themselves.”

Thank you for being a part of this co-creation, thank you for being here in this NOW.

With gratitude and love from all of us here,
Bente, Lisbeth and Eva Julia 💞

PS: you can find the time that corresponds with 19:00 Norway time (UTC+2) in your time zone here.

Welcome to the first Gathering in Grace, Sunday September 4

This is the place

where the river meets the sea.

Where everything comes together.

Merging as ONE.

And this is who you are.

For you are the drop and the ocean.

The grain of sand and the beach.

You are the end,

but also the beginning.

And so it is.

And so it will be.


Dear friends!

These words that came through this morning really ring true for me. Because the September Gathering will be the very first Gathering where everything I share, both in person here in Stavika and online, will come together. For this Sunday, September 4, at 19:00 my time, I invite you all to join me for the very first Gathering in Grace.

In many aspects, it will be just like the Gatherings around the Pond that so many of you already are familiar with. But this time, we will also host a meditation here where we live. It will start at 19:00 our time (UTC + 2), two hours earlier than the former Gatherings, but as usual, you can join us at any time that works for you. For this is ,as always, truly “a Gathering out of time” as the CCs like to say it.  

Our drums will play an important part, in a very literal way. Exactly two years ago, the three of us birthed our own ceremonial drums. It was a sacred process, and it really felt like we were giving life to three individual beings. Each with its own distinct voice. Every time we are called to use our drums for a ceremony or meditation, something unique emerges. The drums guide us, setting the pace and the duration of the drumming. It is so magical to hear these three voices sing together, weaving in and out, creating a different song every time.

So this Sunday, all six of us are looking forward to connecting with every single one of you. I will do the guiding in to the meditation, and I will connect everyone present here at Stavika with all of you, no matter where on this beautiful planet you live.

I am so looking forward to sharing this Gathering with all of you! And hopefully, we get the chance to meet you in person one day here at Land of Grace in Stavika.

With gratitude and love from all of us here,

Bente ❤️

PS: you can find the time that corresponds with 19:00 Norway time (UTC+2) in your time zone here.