An invitation to the Infinite

An invitation to the Infinite is being offered.

To savour the Silence of Serenity,

freedom and bliss,

simply enter the hallways of your heart.

There, you will find the perfection

that so many still strive for.

But this is not something

that needs to be mastered.

It is simply something

that must be received.

It is a gift always on offer,

never withheld nor rationed,

withdrawn or put on hold.

It is a Sanctuary that always is open.

Where Source will sustain you,

no matter the cause.

So sit with your Self,

and you will find what you search for.

For it is already here,

embedded within your heart.

Ripples of Light

Ripples of light

continue to spread across this planet.

Penetrating ever deeper

into the murky, unresolved.

One by one, souls light up.

One by one, hearts open up.

Ready to receive

the glory and the grace

that is calling you

from the very depth of the Universe.

Rejoice, says the light,

you are born again.

And so it is,

and so it will be.


Dear friends! Early this morning, I was called down to the beach. Then, this message came through. We have just experienced a period of intense rain and strong winds, so waking up to this calm, sunny day made me feel as if the entire world was “born again”.