The vibrancy of your soul

The vibrancy of your soul

is becoming more apparent,

as the glory that is you

continues to unfold.

Petal by petal,

the true construct of your

beingness reveals itself.

Fractals of information come alive,

as you dive ever deeper into your core.

Step by step,

heartbeat by heartbeat

you see your path light up.

Feeling into the sacredness

of every single moment,

you know

you already know everything.

It is simply a matter

of allowing it

to flower at its own accord.

You are the birthplace of the stars

You are the birthplace

of the stars.

Entire worlds spring forth

from your inner sanctum.

A great outpouring of harmonies

ripple out whenever you connect

to your Essence.

You breathe life into Life,

creating a world of wonders

wherever you go.

So keep on keeping on,

let that inner light

continue to flow unabated.