The Great Stillness

Feel into the presence of Presence.

In this Great Stillness,

you may feel lost.

As if being adrift at sea,

with no sense of direction,

no port in sight.

But fret not,

for you are neither lost

nor off course.

It is simply time for you

to just BE.


there is a time to sow,

and a time to reap.

But there is also

that equally important time in-between.

This is where you are at the moment.

Like a child in the womb,

seemingly in-active,

yet at the same time developing fast.

So let go of the illusion of

being inadequate and unproductive.

You do what you are here to do best,

when you allow yourself

to sit within this stillness.

It is the most fertile of Spaces,

offered up as a gift

to help you grow

to your fullest potential.

The stillness speaks loudly

The stillness speaks loudly.

Behold the dance of life unfolding around you.

Swimming in the gentleness of the late evening Sun.

Soaking up the nurturing sounds that surround you.

You are being held within this sacred space.

Held, so you can continue

to grow, explore, unfold your Self.

So embrace the journey ahead

Keep going forwards, step by step,

and see the path of life coming towards you.